Boiler Breakdown Lurgan

During a period of snow and cold weather we were called to a property in Lurgan. Unfortunately their boiler had broken down. The boiler had not been serviced in a long time and there were several issues present. Prior to any works, we undertook a check on the oil tank to detect the presence of any water. Although some water was present at the bottom of the oil tank, this was not the issue. We undertook a thorough investigation of the appliance and detected that the photocell was faulty. This part was replaced which allowed the boiler to run once again. The flexible oil hose was also in very poor condition and required immediate replacement to reduce the risk of an oil spill. The heating system was tested and allowed to run for a period of time. Fortunately we were able to reinstate the owners heat fairly quickly in the bitterly cold weather. 

Water in Oil Tank