Heating Oil Leak Repair Belfast

We were called to a domestic property in Belfast following the homeowner noticing a smell of oil and a very small amount of heating oil next to the boiler. The internal boiler was situated in the utility. We attended site immediately to prevent any further potential damage at the property and undertook a thorough inspection of the boiler, oil supply pipework and oil storage tank but did not immediately confirm the loss of oil. However, it was apparent that there was an issue as there was a noticeable smell of oil inside the dwelling. 

As the homeowner noticed a small bit of oil next to the boiler, which was mopped up, we focused our investigations in this location. After thoroughly inspecting all parts of the boiler, we allowed the heating to run for an extended period of time. After approximately 15 minutes, we discovered the kerosene was weeping from the top of the wheel head fire valve at a very slow rate. 

We immediately replaced the fire valve with a modern remote acting fire valve, which is safer in a result of a fire. Fortunately, there was a limited amount of home heating oil lost during this incident and remedial works were not required. The homeowner was fortunate that she noticed oil odours inside the dwelling, which alerted her to an issue. If this boiler was located outside, it is possible that this leak may have not been noticed for several weeks and a much more significant amount of oil could have been lost, which would have impacted the property and environment!

If you notice strong oil odours, die back of lawn/flora or over-consumption do not hesitate to contact SSS Alleviate who can immediately act to investigate and prevent the problem from worsening!

Oil Boiler Repair