Heating Oil Spill Lisburn

We received an emergency callout late one Friday night, when a homeowner noticed staining on brickwork of his garage and oil smells surrounding his oil bopiler inside the garage. SSS Alleviate immediately attended the site to investigate. 

We immediately noticed an issue with the flexible oil hose at the boiler. This piece of pipework had failed and was leaking oil next to the boiler. This home heating oil had leaked next to the boiler and had also been absorbed into the brickwork and plaster which had caused the noticeable stain. 

We acted fast to isolate the supply at the tank and replaced the flexible oil hose. We then investigated the potential impact to human health inside the dwelling and whether any other sensitive receptors had been impacted. The potential damage was referred on for further investigation, but fortunately damage was limited onm this ocassion. 

It is strongly recommended that you change your flexible hoses each year during your annual service as these are a common source of oil loss. For best practice advice contact SSS Alleviate to undertake your service and if you have concerns regarding over consumption or oil loss, act quickly!