Heating Survey NI

Our Heating Survey NI helps homes to reduce the risk of unsafe, inefficient oil heating systems

Buying a property, have you considered a heating survey in NI?

There are many things to consider when buying a property, however many people forget about their heating system. We consider this to be one of the most important aspects of the property. 

Following our Heating Survey in NI, we compile a detailed report which contains vital information on condition, health & safety risks including oil leaks/fire and potential costs you may inherit. 

What is included in our Heating Survey NI?

  • Site visit to the property
  • Detailed inspection of internal & internal infrastructure
  • Inspection of a range of risks including fire, electrical & health/safety
  • Inspects for the risk of oil loss which could impact the property
  • Technical inspections e.g. Flue Gas Analysis - Assessing Boiler Efficiency & Carbon Monoxide
  • Compilation of detailed report with annotated images
  • Summary of recommendations with indicative costs

Benefits of a Heating Survey in NI?

  • Negotiate repairs or sale price
  • Protect the property
  • Ensure family safety
  • Ensure you are adequately insured
  • Check the risk of potential oil loss
  • Ensure that you are not wasting £s through poor Energy Efficiency
  • Plan system upgrades
Heating Survey

Why is this service needed?


Northern Ireland Homes supplied by home heating oil


Estimated average oil boiler efficiency in Northern Ireland.


Estimated amount of UK domestic oil spills per day.


Estimated Average Domestic Oil Spill Remedial Cost


17% of homebuyers spend to make home habitable

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a property is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make. Undertaking a survey can avoid you inheriting potential issues which could be costly in the long run. Many of our surveys are instructed as a result of issues flagged up via homebuyer surveys. We strongly recommend a homebuyer survey is undertaken in addition to a heating survey. To find a RICS registered homebuyer surveyor visit the RICS Website.  

If your property is supplied by an oil heating system there are some serious risks which may pose a risk to you and your family. Furthermore, if you purchase an poorly installed or inefficient system, you may have to invest several thousand pounds to upgrade the system. This is where our Oil Heating Survey comes in…

There are a number of risks associated with an oil heating system. If not maintained or installed correctly there could be dangerous discharge of carbon monoxide, which poses a serious threat to human life. Additionally, there are a range of fire, electrical and other safety concerns. Oil Contamination is another serious risk from an oil heating system, which can impact health, property and the environment. We can identify whether a loss of oil is likely to occur at the heating infrastructure to avoid future potential problems. 

We are able to inform you exactly how efficient your oil heating system is. With spiralling costs of oil, it is crucial that your boiler can run efficiently as possible as you can literally be burning money without getting the benefits of heat. The average boiler efficiency in Northern Ireland is estimated at 65%. If this is the case for boiler, you could be losing £35 per £100 of oil. If you consume £2000 of oil per year this could result in loses of £700 per year!

We understand the stress of buying a property and the associated costs on homebuyers. However, if you do not undertake checks on the property, you could be subject to some serious long term costs/issues after purchase. 

If your system is inefficient or not up to regulations, there may be several thousand pounds required to upgrade following your house purchase. If you know this information prior to purchase you may be able to negotiate on the sale price with the seller to allow for these upgrades.  

We have a range of experiences which make us the perfect choice for your Oil Heating Risk Survey. Our background in heating & plumbing, environmental, construction, oil spill remediation and health & safety has allowed us to produce an extremely comprehensive survey. We also mix visual and hands on inspections to provide the information you require. We are also OFTEC registered company and have OFTEC Registered Heating Engineers, which means we are required to works to best practice and we are audited for quality. 

Yes, we are an OFTEC registered company and have OFTEC Registered Heating Engineer. This allows us to identify issues with heating systems and provide recommendations to OFTEC standard which is recognised by government and industry. 

The length of the Oil Heating Risk Surveys depends on the property and the complexity of the oil heating system. However, it will usually take 1-2 hours. 

With our digital reporting system we will have gathered the majority of the information on site and with some desktop work we hope to have your report with you in a few days. 

Require other services?

SSS Alleviate offer a range of specialised oil heating services across Northern Ireland. We particularly specialise in Oil Spill Response and investigation. If you have noticed an issue with your oil tank such as cracking, bulging or leaking contact us immediately to undertake a heating oil transfer. If you require an oil tank replacement we provide a one stop shop, including the old oil tank disposal and supplying a new oil tank. For a full list of our services visit our homepage

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