Oil Boiler Breakdown Co. Armagh

We were instructed to inspect a boiler which had broken down in Co. Armagh. The elderly tenant was without heat and hot water and required an urgent repair. We attended site the same day. We dipped the tank using and weighted tape and water detection paste to confirm that water & sludge inside the oil tank had impacted the pump, filter & nozzle. We inspected the oil storage tanks for openings that would facilitate the ingress of water, however, it is likely that the water inside the tank was a result of condensation over many years. 

We extracted the water from inside the oil tank and replaced oil pump, nozzle and filter which had all been badly impacted. The flexible oil hose was also replaced in order to avoid any potential oil loss. The boiler was analysed and the entire system checked to ensure that the tenant had heat and hot water reinstated inside the home. 

Water in Oil Tank