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Oil Boiler Service Northern Ireland

SSS Alleviate were contacted by homeowners in Northern Ireland to undertake an annual oil boiler service on their condensing boiler. One of our Heating Engineers visited the property at a time that was convenient for the homeowner. The combustion chamber was thoroughly cleaned down as well as each baffle before carefully returning into place. The burner was thoroughly checked over and the oil nozzle was replaced to ensure boiler efficiency remained high over the coming months. The rest of the burner was checked over ensure everything was in working order. 

In order to reduce the risk of oil loss, the flexible braided oil hose inside the boiler was replaced as the commonly leak. All other oil fittings were checked over to prevent any potential oil leaks. Following this we undertook safety checks on the entire system including the oil tank to ensure everything was up to standard. Crucially we dipped the tank for water using water detection paste, which can been seen in the image below. Fortunately, in this occasion, there was no water present in the oil tank.  

It was now time to fire the boiler and undertake a flue gas analysis to ensure the boiler is running correctly. A smoke test was undertaken prior to placing the analyser inside the boiler. With some slight adjustment of the air intake at the burner, we were able to get the boiler running at maximum efficiency, saving the homeowner money throughout the year. The homeowner was provided with an OFTEC Service Form and sent a digital copy of the results of the Flue Gas Analysis. 

If you are more information on our Oil Boiler Service in Northern Ireland click here or call us on 07391270659, email or fill out the enquiry form below. If you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil boiler or oil tank such as oil leaks we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response

Did you know, we also offer oil boiler replacement? For more information click here

Oil Boiler Service NI
Oil Boiler Service NI
Oil Boiler Service NI

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