Oil Leak at Boiler in Co. Antrim

We were contacted by a homeowner after she had been living with unusual odours inside her dwelling for up to 6 weeks. The odours were causing her throat discomfort and headaches. Once we attended site, we immediately identified the odours as home heating oil. We undertook a thorough investigation of the property and it became apparent that there had been a recent oil leak at the boiler. 

The oil vapours from this spill incident had been travelling through the duct which houses the heating pipes, which was depositing the odours inside the dwelling. We immediately acted to install a vapour extraction fan to ensure the dwelling was safe for the owner to inhabit. We compiled an emergency works report and helped the homeowner to engage with insurers to proceed with remedial works to repair any damage from the spill incident.

If you suspect a loss of oil or unusual oil consumption, it is important to act immediately to reduce the potential damage to property and the environment. If you have any concerns contact SSS Alleviate immediately on 07391270659. 

Oil Spill
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