Oil Line Pressure Test

Professional Oil Line Pressure tests undertaken by experienced Oil Heating Engineers

Are you concerned about your oil line?

SSS Alleviate specialise in oil leak investigation. A crucial part of this investigation is an oil line pressure test. As the majority of oil feed pipes are buried, any potential issue cannot be visually identified unlike at a boiler or tank. Therefore a leak could be ongoing for a some time without being discovered resulting in a significant oil spill.  

Our experienced heating engineers can provide clarity and confirm whether an issue is present and give further advice and guidance! 

For more information and advice contact contact SSS Alleviate on 07391270659 or email info@sssalleviate.com. 

What can cause leakage?

  • Age related issues
  • Corrosion
  • Leaks from joints
  • Direct contact with concrete
  • Ground Movement
  • Tree roots
  • Accidental damage from insufficient depth
  • Poor Installation
Oil Spill Clean Up

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