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Oil Spill at Boiler Northern Ireland

We were contacted by a concerned homeowner after he noticed an oil leak at his boiler when out in the back garden. He lifted a paving flag immediately beside the boiler and noticed a puddle of kerosene. He contacted SSS Alleviate to investigate who visited the property on a Saturday. Upon investigating his boiler we discovered a leak from the fittings of the boiler, which were immediately repaired and tested. 

We then assessed the impact of the oil using a PID. Highly elevated readings were recorded surrounding the boiler. Some moderate internal ambient air readings were recorded inside the dwelling, which was consistent with the homeowners reports that visitors had noticed an oil odour. We used oil absorbent pads to mop up any free phase kerosene and advised the customer on how to proceed with oil spill clean up. 

Had an oil spill in Northern Ireland or if you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil heating, we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response. If you are looking for oil tank removal or oil tank replacement call us on 07391270659 or email

Oil Spill at Boiler Northern Ireland
Oil Spill Northern Ireland
Oil Spill NI

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