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Oil Spill Repair - Leak at Boiler

We were contacted by a concerned homeowner after he noticed a stain on the brickwork of his garage on the opposite side of the wall of his oil boiler. Upon inspection of the boiler, he noticed an oil odour and some oil staining. He immediately contacted SSS Alleviate to investigate and repair. We visited the property soon after the call and could see that there was oil leakage from the oil fittings at the boiler. In order to prevent any further loss, the oil hose, fire valve and fittings were replaced. 

The area was mopped up and we used the PID to investigate the potential damage. Elevated readings were recorded at the boiler and in the brickwork, however, we were concerned that it mat have migrated towards the foundations of the house a short distance away. Fortunately for this customer, he noticed the stain just in time to prevent significant damage to the dwelling.  

Had an oil spill in Northern Ireland or if you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil heating? Contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response. If you are looking for other services such as oil tank replacementoil boiler replacement or oil boiler service call us on 07391270659 or email

Oil Spill Repair
Oil Spill Northern Ireland
Oil Spill Northern Ireland

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