Emergency Oil Tank NI

SSS Alleviate were contacted late one evening after these customers noticed a strong oil spill smell inside their house. We responded immediately and made our way to the property. We immediately discovered an oil leak at the boiler which was located inside the integrated garage of the property. We immediately undertook a repair of the boiler and mopped up any home heating oil surrounding the boiler using oil absorbent pads. We then investigated the potential impact and quickly realised a vapour extraction fan was required to reduce the risk to human health. We got to work installing this, which significantly reduced the oil spill smell in the house. We then helped and advised customers on further steps to be taken to repair the damage done by the oil leak. 

If you have noticed overconsumption of oil or an oil spill smell, we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response. If you are looking for oil tank removal or oil tank replacement contact SSS Alleviate to see how we can help. Contact us on 07391270659 or email info@sssalleviate.com. 

Oil Spill Smell NI
Oil Spill NI

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