Oil Supply Pipe Pressure Test - Oil Spill Co. Down

SSS Alleviate were contacted by some anxious homeowners, who had concerns about over their consumption of home heating oil. Recent oil deliveries had not lasted as long as they expected. We were asked to attend the property to investigate. Upon immediate inspection, there were no obvious issues present with boiler, tank or oil smells present. The next logical step was to undertake an oil supply pipe pressure test. This is used to confirm whether there are any issues with the pipework below ground which cannot be seen. It is common that this fails over time due to age or becomes damaged which can result in oil being lost to the ground. This can result in significant damage to your property, neighbours or the environment. 

Unfortunately in this case, the oil line pressure test had failed, which confirmed that an issue was present with the underground pipework which explained the over consumption that the homeowners noticed. We acted immediately to install a temporary oil supply pipe to prevent any further loss of oil and to reinstate heating at the property. We also provided an initial report and advice to the homeowners to help them progress with remedial works through their insurance to undertake repairs from the lost oil. 

If you have concerns regarding your oil line or wish to upgrade do not hesitate to contact us immediately to discuss your concerns. If your oil line is bare copper, we strongly urge you to upgrade immediately to reduce the risk of oil loss!