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OFTEC Registered Domestic Oil Tank Installers in Northern Ireland

Do you require a replacement oil tank? SSS Alleviate specialise in domestic oil tank replacement. We offer an oil tank supply and installation service, which includes oil tank removal, base works and temporary oil storage to ensure you still have heat during the upgrade service

We ensure that our oil tanks are installed to modern regulations and best practice to minimise the risk of safety hazards including oil leaks. This one stop shop provides the peace of mind that your project is being handled by a fully insured, accredited and experienced team. 

Is your oil tank leaking?

If you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil tank such as bulging or a cracking, we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response

It is important to act quickly in order to prevent oil entering the ground which can damage your property and the environment. Even a small bit of oil can cause a lot of damage!

We can respond quickly and transfer the remaining oil inside the tank to a temporary oil tank for safe storage. This can then be connected up to your boiler to ensure you have heat until your replacement oil tank is installed.  


How does an oil tank replacement work?

Transfer Oil To TemporaryTank

Temporary Tank is connected to boiler using temporary oil line ensuring you still have heat during the replacement.

Remove Oil Tank
for Disposal

Your oil tank will be set aside for disposal. In limited access areas your tank will be cut up.

Demolish Oil
Tank Base

If you require a new compliant base, the old base will be demolished and the rubble taken away.

Construct New
Tank Base

A new compliant tank base is constructed and allowed to harden in preparation for the new tank.

Undertake Oil

The heating oil will be transferred from the temporary tank to the replacement tank.

Connect Tank &
Test System

The tank will be reconnected to the boiler and we will run the boiler to ensure heat is present.

What are the signs I need a new oil tank?

  • Bulging
  • Cracks/Splits
  • Discolouration
  • Excessive Rusting
  • Subsidence
  • Age - Over 15 Years Old
  • Denting
  • Water Ingress
  • Gauges or Isolation Valve Broken

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the age and condition of your heating oil tank. It is widely considered that the lifespan of an oil storage tank is between 10-15 years. Many homes in Northern Ireland exceed this however, which significantly increases the risk of the tank splitting leading to a loss of oil or water entering the tank which can impact the oil boiler. If your tank is of a significant age, or is showing signs of discolouration, cracking, bulging, subsiding or rusting, it is strongly recommended that you consider replacing it. A new tank installed to regulations will significantly reduce the risk of oil loss and possible impact to your and neighbouring property. 

Yes, we are an OFTEC registered company and have OFTEC Registered Heating Engineer. This allows us to identify issues with heating systems and provide recommendations to OFTEC standard which is recognised by government and industry. 

It is possible to replace your own oil tank, however, it is highly recommended that you appoint a competent contractor as if something was to go wrong which would lead to the loss of kerosene, it could result in costly clean up costs. A properly planned installation which complies with regulations will provide years of reliable service. 

Each project is different, however, the base must be suitably level and be able to adequately support the weight of the oil tank. In addition to this, the tank base must extend 300mm beyond the tank on all sides. There are a range of options when it comes to constructing a tank base which can be discussed. 

It is widely believed that the average lifespan of an oil tank is between 15-20 years. However, it is not uncommon for oil tanks to fail prior to this milestone. It is important to keep an eye on the condition of your oil tank throughout the years and if any issues are encountered, report them to your heating engineer to inspect. 

A bunded oil tank is double skinned, which essentially means that it has a tank within a tank. In the event that the inner tank fails, the outer skin is able to hold 110% of the capacity, meaning that no oil is lost to the ground. Double skinned tanks have a much greater warranty (10 Years) thank single skinned tanks (2 years). 

For domestic premises you need to carry out an oil storage risk assessment. In brief a Bund is required if:

  • You are storing over 2500 litres.
  • Your tank is near an open drain or loose fitting manhole.
  • Your tank is within 10m of controlled water such as a river, stream etc.
  • Your tank is located where any spillage could travel over hard ground to reach controlled water.
  • Your tank is located within 50m of a borehole, spring or well.
  • Your tank vent is not visible from the fill point. (Such as an extended fill point)
  • Your oil use is for a building other than a single family dwelling.
  • Any other unique hazards to your site.

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