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Oil Tank Replacement Tyrone

Following a recent house purchase at a rural property in Co. Tyrone, SSS Alleviate  were appointed to undertake a replacement of an old single skin oil tank with a bunded oil tank to reduce the risk of any future oil spill.

We got to work transferring the oil from the old tank to a temporary oil tank and connected it to the boiler so the homeowners had heat during the upgrade works. The tank was set aside for disposal and the old base was broken out. We constructed a frame for the tank was with 300m clearance on all sides and undertook a concrete pour. The new bunded oil tank was delivered to the property and set on the base once hardened. The oil was transferred from the temporary oil tank and reconnected to the boiler. 

Finally, the digital oil level gauge and heating system were tested and both were found to be working properly. 

If you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil tank such as bulging or a cracking, we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response. If you are looking for oil tank removal or oil tank replacement call us on 07391270659 or email

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