Remove Water in Oil Tank

Have you discovered water in your oil tank?

SSS Alleviate are equipped to safely extract water and sludge from your oil tank, protecting your oil boiler from damage. We respond quickly to our customers, as we are aware that in most cases, the heating cannot be used until the water is removed. 

Our service includes: 

  • Confirming the presence of water 
  • Inspecting where the water is entering the tank and repairing
  • Pumping out the water & sludge inside the tank 
  • Cleaning out oil line & filters
  • Testing the boiler
  • Undertaking boiler repairs if needed
We cover the majority of Northern Ireland to undertake these works, so get in contact for more information.  

How do you test for water inside an oil tank?

Water is detected inside oil tanks using water detection paste. This paste turns purple when it comes into contact with water. This indicates the level of the water inside the tank and whether it is likely to cause issues with your oil boiler. 

Water & Sludge in your Oil Tank can lead to Boiler Breakdown
Water in Oil Tank

What happens when you get water in your oil tank?

Water is present in the majority of oil tanks. The issues start once the level of the water inside the tank reaches the level of the outlet of the tank. It can then enter the oil supply pipe and ultimately reaches the burner. The problem can accelerate once the tank has been propped at the back. 

It is very common that if the water has reached the burner, the oil pump will fail and require replacement. This will happen time and time again until the water is removed from the supply system and the supply pipework has been cleaned out. An oil filter is also crucial in helping protecting your boiler.


How does water get inside an oil tank?


There are two types of water which get inside oil tanks; rainwater & condensation. 

Condensation usually occurs in the summer months due to water vapour cooling inside the tank and turning into droplets in the interior wall of the tank which eventually drip and settle at the bottom. 

Rainwater enters the tank through a variety of sources including: 

  • Loose fitted caps
  • Cracks or splits
  •  Faulty Seals 
  • Damaged Vents 
  • Poorly fitted sight gauges
Either way, the water can become a costly problem for you if not dealt with..

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