The Importance of Tracking your Heating Oil Consumption

Are you familiar with how much home heating oil you use or how often you are topping your tank up though out the year? This is information every household using home heating oil should know.

There are several key benefits of tracking your heating oil consumption:

  • Once you are aware of how much heating oil it takes to keep your home warm, you will be able to use this information to budget for fill ups throughout the year.
  • Understanding how much oil you need and when you need it most, allows you to plan ahead to order fills of oil when rates costs are lower. 
  • Proper tracking can also prevent the system cutting out when you need it the most during spells of cold weather. Usually during this period, costs tend to be higher, there is more demand so the delivery can be slower, or weather conditions may prevent the lorry getting to your home. 
  • If the boiler cuts out when you need it most, you could be left without heat or hot water, which could be very serious for the most vulnerable. 
  • If you have to buy emergency oil drums from the forecourt, you are going to pay significantly more per litre. You also risk the possibility of small spills trying to pour it into the oil tank. 
  • If you are constantly running out of heating oil, you might not be aware, but it is putting the boiler at greater risk of breaking down and you could be left without heating until a OFTEC Engineer is able to attend site to get the problem fixed. 
  • It also good to know how much home heating oil you use so you are more likely to be aware of a sudden drop which may be due to oil leak or theft. If you are concerned about a sudden drop in your home heating oil, it is best to get your heating system checked by a specialist such as SSS Alleviate to stop the problem worsening.

Heating oil costs in Northern Ireland have varied in price massively in the past few years, with recent soaring prices, it is possible that you could pay significantly more oil by being unprepared. 

The Consumer Council has a useful Heating Oil Weekly Price Comparison Tool for Local NI Suppliers, meaning you can compare the best prices in Northern Ireland. 

For more information on tracking oil consumption, have a look at our blog on Wireless Oil Tank Gauges, the most effective way to track your oil consumption!