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Water in Oil Tank Co. Down

These homeowners were first alerted to an issue with water in their oil tank after they had a boiler breakdown at their home in Co. Down. They contacted their local heating engineer who suggested that water at the bottom of their oil tank may be the issue. The homeowners contacted oil Heating specialists SSS Alleviate to investigate. SSS Alleviate attended the property the next morning and used water detection paste to confirm that there was a significant amount of water at the bottom of the oil tank. 

We used our specialist pumping equipment to remove the water and immediately realised that there was much more water present than usual. In total we removed over 200L of water/sludge. Following this we cleaned the oil filters and oil supply lines which were grossly impacted. Unfortunately the oil pump at the boiler had been badly impacted by the water and also required replacement to reinstate heating at the property. 

Once cleaning and repairs were undertaken, we tested the system and the boiler successfully fired, to the delight of the homeowners. 

For more information on removing water from your oil tank visit click here or contact us on 07391270659 or email If you have noticed an urgent issue with your oil tank such as bulging or a cracking, we urge you to contact us immediately or visit our page on oil leak response.

Water in Oil Tank
Water in Oil Tank NI
Water at bottom of oil tank

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