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Water in Oil Tank Dugannon

Water in Oil Tank Dungannon

SSS Alleviate were contacted about water in oil tank in Dungannon following a boiler breakdown at a domestic property. The homeowner contacted a Heating Engineer who discovered that the oil pump had been impacted by water and no further work could be undertaken until the water was removed from the oil tank. We attended the property the following day to investigate and repair the issue. We first of all tested for the quantity of water using water detection paste. We then used our specialised pumping to quickly remove approximately 1000L of oily water from the oil tank. 

The oil filter at the tank was cleaned and the oil line was also cleaned out to ensure no more water entered the boiler. Once we went to test the system, we could see that the pump inside the burner had been badly impacted by the water. Unfortunately, this could be repaired and a replacement oil pump was required, which we fitted. 

This got the boiler up and running, ready for the cold weather. Finally, we inspected inspected the oil tank for any openings which would let in water. On this occasion we did not identify any openings, therefore the water built up over time via condensation on the inside of the tank. This is common on the majority of oil tanks in Northern Ireland, but usually does not present an issue until it reaches the level of the outlet of the oil tank or if the tank is propped at the back. 

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Water in Oil Tank
Water in Oil Tank Dungannon
Water in Oil Filter
Oil Pump Impacted by Water