Water & Sludge in your Oil Tank can lead to Boiler Breakdown

Water & Sludge in Oil Tanks accumulates due to condensation and openings/cracks in the shell of the oil tank. Action needs to be taken to prevent these contaminants entering the oil line and reaching the burner, creating corrosion, inefficiency problems and Boiler Breakdown. 

What happens if it enters the boiler?

If the level of Water & Sludge in the Oil Tank reaches the level of the outlet for the oil feed pipe it is possible that it could enter the boiler resulting in pump failure, which may require a costly emergency boiler breakdown call out and replacement parts. 

Is there likely to be water/sludge in my tank?

Water & Sludge in Oil Tanks is very common and the majority of tanks will be impacted due to condensation or openings in the oil tank shell. The depth of the water may vary per tank but this can be measured during with a simple test. 

What can I do about it?

Ensure that a filter is at the tank to help prevent contaminants entering the boiler and system. SSS Alleviate can also test for the presence of Water & Sludge in Oil Tanks. If presence is confirmed, we remove it and clean the oil using our oil fuel polisher. The contaminated water/sludge is removed from your property for disposal. This condensate/water should be check at least annually and disposed of appropriately if issue is confirmed.

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Water in Oil Tank