Water Leak Detection & Repair

Water leaks can occur from various sources within your home, which can often result in damage and inconvenience. SSS Alleviate use a range of methods to investigate the source of your water leak. Our plumbers are also able to undertake any repairs to prevent any further impact from the water loss. 

With our emergency callout service, we are able to respond quickly to undertake investigations at your property and from our base in Craigavon we are able to cover the majority of Northern Ireland conveniently. To get in touch call use immediately on 07391270659 or email info@sssalleviate.com. 

Common sources of a water leak

  • Central Heating
  • Mains Water 
  • Drain & Waste 
  • Underground Pipework
  • Bathrooms
  • Water storage tanks in roof space

Signs you may have a water leak

  • Damp patches, plaster bubbling or discolouring 
  • Heating losing pressure or not working 
  • Issues with floors 
  • Strange odours – mould/stagnant water
  • Increase in water meter activity
  • Tanks in roof space constantly refilling