Wireless Oil Tank Gauges (Oil watchman)

What types of Oil Tank Gauges are there? 

There are a number of different ways to measure the amount of oil remaining inside your tank. It is still common for many people to dip their tank with a stick or measuring pole. A number of different types of gauges have been developed including float gauges, sight gauges or hydrostatic gauges. 

Prior to the conception of the bunded tank, it was commonplace for the sight gauge to be fitted, however this can result in a number of issues which we have encountered. Many of the sight gauges we inspect have issues with water ingress as they may have the rain cap missing, which can result in impact to the boiler. Additionally, as they are external to the oil tank, they are susceptible to damage from kids playing or poor maintenance. If damaged, they can often lead to a release of home heating oil resulting in impact to your property and the environment. Oil spill remediation costs on average cost £30,000, however, if a watercourse, your dwelling or neighbouring property are impacted this can result in a costs in excess of £100,000.      

What is a Wireless Oil Tank Gauge? 

It is a wireless device which attaches to the top of your tank and sends a signal to a receiver, which is constantly monitoring the level of oil in your tank. This allows you to monitor the oil level without leaving your house. When the level of oil inside the tank drops below 10% there is a fuel pump symbol that appears and beeps so you are aware of when you are running low of heating oil allowing you to place an order in advance. Crucially, it can alert you of sudden changes in oil consumption which could be a sign of leakage or theft which allows you to investigate rapidly. These can usually be retrofitted quickly and easily to most oil storage tanks. 

Click here to check out an example wireless oil tank gauge!

What is a SMART Wireless Oil Tank Gauge? 

A smart wireless oil tank gauge works in conjunction with an app, giving you detailed information on your oil consumption on your phone, app or tablet. There are a number of benefits of this: 

· It can monitor consumption from anywhere, meaning that you can check if you need oil, even on holiday 

· It can schedule in automated deliveries when oil gets low, meaning you never run dry

· It can notify you regarding sudden changes in consumption, even if you are not at home, alerting you to a sudden issue such as theft or leakage

· It can provide a financial breakdown of consumption based on how much you are spending

Click here to check out an example of a smart wireless oil tank gauge!

With homes going increasing smart and energy efficient, this is a relatively low cost purchase to ensure you don’t run out when you most need it and it can potentially allow you to react quickly in the event of theft or oil loss! OFTEC registered companies such as SSS Alleviate can help anyone with fitting if you are uncertain how to do so.